Budweiser - VR Penalties

Virtual Penalties....

Players wore a headset and foot sensor and took part in a virtual penalty shootout in the Yokohama Stadium in Japan. The headset allowed the users to look around the stadium to experience the atmosphere, whilst the foot sensor accurately tracked the speed and angle of the players foot as they kicked a virtual football.

Players had 5 penalties from which to generate a high score, goals were rated on accuracy and speed of where the ball crossed the line. Players were entered into a play-off competition to find the overall winner for that evening. The promotion formed a large part of Budweiser's world cup promotions visiting around 450 venues in a 4 month period.

Link here to the Budweiser Promotional Video

Virtual Free-kicks....

The second game mode increased the difficulty level by situating the player on the edge of the 18 yrd box ready to take a free kick. The player view on goal is obstructed by the wall of opponent AI characters. The player has two choices they can try and go for glory or attempt to chip it to an attacking AI team member to head it in.

During the event all player scores are entered into the high-score table and the top 5 players are entered into a final play-off game to decide the overall event winner. This final play-off mode prompts each player in turn to take part in a time based target shooting game to knock over Budweiser beer bottles placed on the goal line. The player who knocks over the most bottles in the allotted time is the winner.

Project Management

Due to the success of the Penalty shoot-out systems Maelstrom were commissioned to produce a new type of football game - 'Budweiser True Footwork'. This is a step mat penalty shoot out game and was the first ever game of its type to be launched as part of a promotional tour in the UK. We developed seven units that were portable, durable, and quick to assemble.

The player stands on the sensor floor facing the 3 19" TFT screens in front of them. To play the game each user runs up and down on the two blue 'step sensors' for a period of 5 seconds to generate the shot's power, then they select one of the five red 'shoot sensors' in order to strike the ball. Each game consists of three penalty attempts and high scoring players are rewarded with replays and entry onto the high-score table.

"To date, this years on premise circuit activity has been very successful with the True Footwork units gaining popularity from both consumers and promotional staff alike. Its easy-to-use format, excellent functionality and challenging game play has ensured a strong impact in pubs and bars nationwide"

Michael Gunn - Customer Marketing Manager - On Premise Anheuser-Busch Europe Ltd.