Cobham - C-IED handheld

Instructor View

The operator control screen is the main interface of the system and allows the instructor to configure the scenario to their exact requirements. Threats can be added, moved, deleted and replaced.
The instructor can assist the trainee by displaying visual aids in the synthetic environment e.g. lane defining ropes that run along the length of the training area, small markers which can show the locations of the threats, a grid floor can be shown to assist the student with distance and area coverage and lastly, it is possible to make the lane floor area totally transparent allowing the trainee to see the threat below the floor.

Trainee View

The trainee puts on a VR headset and holds the detector in either their left or right hand. Both the users head and detector are being tracked in real-time enabling the system to assess how well the trainee is performing during their training session. As the trainee progresses through the scenario metrics are gathered, compiled and saved for review.

Further Development

Phase 2 of the development included the ability to train in any of three different locations within the virtual world; a town scene, a culvert and an enclosed courtyard. Custom training sessions can be created to specifically test a trainee's progress in a particular area of training and can be replayed and repeated until satisfactory.