Cobham - Marketing


Cobham provides a diverse portfolio of innovative products and services to solve challenging problems in harsh environments across commercial, defence and security markets.

Maelstrom was tasked to produce a virtual showcase application that demonstrated the situational deployment and operation of a specific range of Cobham land-based military products.

Product Range

Products featured include:


- Mine Detector
- Satcom Terminal
- On-The-Move Satcom Antenna
- Diamond Satcom Antenna
- Radio Network Node
- UGV Mine Detection System
- Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection System


All the presented products were placed within a single large virtual landscape, in areas selected to best show each devices recommended deployment.


Each product was accessed from a front-end menu, and could be displayed in a multitude of ways, anything from preset fly-throughs for more straightforward presentations, right up to real-time control of the camera within the synthetic environment.