Cobham - C-IED Vehicle

Vehicle System

The AMULET Mine Detection Prototype is designed to demonstrate Cobham's advanced vehicle mounted GPR-based detection system for mine clearance operations. The system supports both driver & operator roles which includes deployment and operation of the GPR system.

The instructor interface allows preset scenarios to be loaded which includes different minefield layouts, alternate environments and the ability to 'edit' the existing minefields as required. A selection of mine types are supported and selectable from within the system from anti-personnel to anti-tank and IED.

Instructor View

Displayed along the top of the screen is the minefield overview showing the vehicle's progress and also where the mines are located. Attached to the front of the vehicle are two cameras which are displayed on the instructor screen and used for confirmation of ground sign.

Also duplicated on this screen is the GPR signature (visible to the trainee in the vehicle) which shows when a threat has been detected. Once the system recognises a potential threat a red light is illuminated on the dash board to notify the driver to stop the vehicle. The system monitors both the driver and operator roles.