ESA - MIDAS Project

Developed for Cobham Antenna Systems

The Midas training systems are designed to accurately emulate the real world detector during normal operation.
Through a series of tracking sensors the Midas software monitors the detector during the training session and collates valuable operator data for immediate feedback or review.

Indoor Training System

The ITS is designed for indoor use, any time of day, whatever the weather. The system features electromagnetic 6 DoF tracking sensors and is scalable to support many different requirements. The ITS is an adaption of an earlier system developed for military mine & IED clearance training and includes newly enhanced software & hardware features; instructor/client training software, multi-user networked clients & wireless trainee system including wearable backpack PC & VR headset.

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Outdoor Training System

The OTS is the next evolution in virtual mine & IED clearance training. It is designed to work outdoors and mimic conventional training practices but with the addition of accurate trainee data capture, visualisation and review. The system has multiple integrated sensors including motion, height, temp, angle & position (using a GNSS RTK corrected satellite positioning system). The system does not require a VR headset as it is designed to emulate the actual detector and the process of operation during training.

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Training Software

The training software developed for the MIDAS programme is identical on both ITS & OTS systems. The instructor application runs on a rugged laptop and is networked via Wi-Fi to each client system. The instructor application is the hub of the system and all training sessions are started, monitored, recorded and reviewed from the laptop. Trainee & instructor records are created on the system and all corresponding session data (including historical analysis for coaching) is automatically stored in the relevant database for each individual.

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"The OTS is a very useful aid to training as it allows the instructors to set up training lanes in any location from a car park to scrap ground contaminated by high metal content without first having to declutter the area. It allows playback to take the student through their run and pick up salient points to be corrected. Once the learner is more competent the trainer can enhance the training lane with more difficult scenarios to test the operator, this is particularly useful for continuation training and rehearsals."

~ Carl Parnell - Operational Support & Quality Assurance Manager - Optima