Ford - VR Sports

Cricket Software

The player puts on a VR Cricket Helmet and holds a tracked cricket bat handle which is represented in the game as a full size branded cricket bat. Each players game begins with a simulated walkout to the crease, once there the main game starts and the player is ready to face the first ball.

The player is free to look all around and also able to hit the ball where they like, points are awarded based on distance and the type of shot played. The player will face a full over with which to generate runs, at the end of the game players who have scored automatically get their names entered onto the high score table.

Penalty Software

Players wear a headset and foot sensor and take part in a virtual penalty shoot-out at Wembley Stadium. The headset allows the users to look all around the stadium and experience the atmosphere, whilst the foot sensor accurately tracks the speed and angle of the players foot.

There is a virtual football placed on the penalty spot and players kick the ball as they would in reality, how they strike the virtual ball determines its speed and trajectory. When players score a goal the speed and position of where the ball crosses the line determines the 'score rating' for the goal. High scorers appear on the high score table.