Johnnie Walker - VR Cricket

West Indies Tour

Phase 1 of The Johnnie Walker virtual cricket unveiled at the Sir Viv Richards stadium in Antigua is an immersive game where players put on a 'vr' cricket helmet and hold a tracked cricket bat. Players are then transported to the centre wicket ready to start their game.

The aim of the game is to generate as many runs as possible, scores are awarded based on the type of shot played and the distance the ball travels. Hitting a four or a six includes some increased skill points and will boost a players overall score considerably.

Special effects

Players face two overs, the first is played normally without any additional visual effects, the second however is with a 'simulated inebriated effect'. The premise of the tour was to promote responsible drinking and to 'designate a driver', the tour slogan.

The screenshots above help to illustrate the 'inebriated effect', although these static images do not deliver the full impact of what the user experiences. The software is designed to introduce visual disturbances to the users view, these include double vision and an oscillating motion which gives a convincing 'drunken' swaying effect.

Australian Tour

Due to the success of the first VR cricket series tour in the West Indies Johnnie Walker Australia were keen to follow up with a tour planned for the West Indian and Pakistan series being held in Australia. For this second activation the software was adapted to include new features.

The new game includes VO commentary from Mike Hussey and Stuart Clarke. Mike also makes an appearance in the game scoring a massive 28 runs from 6 balls, he sets the target score which players then have to try to beat. Australia are in to bat against a choice of either the West Indies or Pakistan.