Portable Systems

Hardware Design

We will specify hardware to suit your requirements, not ours, meaning you can be assured of a perfectly tailored hardware solution. Our skills mean we can integrate any hardware into our program's with the minimum amount of time and therefore cost.

All our software applications run on commercial off the shelf products ranging from laptops, PC desk-stations to high-end networked rack mount systems for multi projection solutions.

As our software is completely bespoke so too are our VR hardware solutions. Depending on the type of application it may be necessary for us to design and integrate various hardware elements into one complete solution. We have extensive experience in designing Interactive VR Systems for wide ranging applications.

Software Design

Similarly to our hardware solutions our software applications are tailored to each of our customers' needs, no two developments are ever the same. We design our applications around the specific requirements of each project.

We develop software applications for a wide range of markets but most predominantly; Training & Simulation, Architectural Visualisation and Marketing & Promotions.We have developed serious training applications that aid users to be familiarised in complex processes in safe and managed environments.

We have produced large scale visualisations to support vital planning approval presentations at ministerial level. We have delivered immersive portable gaming systems to support branded activities and promotions across the globe.

Peripheral Design

There are many VR peripheral options available on the market today but not all products could be considered as durable solutions for heavy throughput of users for events or installed training systems. Over the years we have developed rugged housings for both headset & glove technologies for use in the public domain.

The primary consideration when developing any VR system is its intended use and the consideration of the end user experience. All our systems are developed with this strategy to ensure the best possible experience is gained.

Not all available products meet every requirement, if a product does not exist we have the capabilities in house to design & manufacture it. The 'peripheral design section' features more of our project specific developments and explains in detail about each product and why it was required.