Prologis - VR Skydive

Virtual Skydiving....

The purpose of the system was to introduce potential distribution centre tenants to the new scheme in a unique & memorable way. Users experience a skydive over the site which not only gives them an exciting experience but also a birds-eye view of the scheme and access-ways during their descent.

Whilst skydiving the players can control their speed and direction with the use of their arms, placing an arm out to instigate a turn in the opposite direction, holding out both arms will slow the players descent. Players can also aim for mid-air branded targets which if they pass through gains extra points.

Virtual Orienteering....

The final part of the descent once the parachute is open is to steer towards the DZ (drop-zone) and try to land as close to the centre as possible for extra points. Once landed players race towards their first checkpoint guided by arrows on the ground as they go.

Players navigate by pumping their hands in a running motion to move forwards in the direction they are looking. Each Player is colour coded & must touch the corresponding checkpoints using their virtual hands. This reveals the path to the next checkpoint. The winner is the first person to complete the virtual tour and return to the main landing zone.