RAF Cosford - SEPT2

Instructor System

SEPT 2 delivers an unrivalled simulated training experience, it does this not only through its realistic visual qualities but also through the use of state of the art hardware. The system utilises a 3m high 150 degree FOV wrap around screen, the student stands in the centre and is completely immersed in the simulated environment.

The Instructor Control Facility (ICF) was ergonomically designed around the operators duties during a typical training day. The system also includes cctv footage recorded live and displayed on the ICF during each students training experience, this data can be saved and recalled for review purposes.

Custom Features

The visuals are delivered to the screen by way of 3 high resolution overhead projectors. Each projected image sent to the screen is geometry corrected and edge blended with our own built-in mapping software (pictured above) so the result is a seamless image perfectly calibrated to the screen.

True 3D positional sound is delivered to the 5.1 surround sound system. Speakers positioned at key points around the room aid the trainee in awareness of potential hazards from all around the dispersal before actually seeing them.