RAF Cranwell - pre-flight

Training System

The simulation software is designed to give the student a detailed guided tour of the selected aircraft, during the inspection the software pauses at key areas (listed in the procedures section) where the student must identify the required procedure before being allowed to continue.


The WSOp(Cmn)FW application is also used in a classroom situation where many students can learn and observe the required tasks before being evaluated individually in the simulation hangar.


1. Choice of clear day or heavy snow weather settings
2. Student to start at hangar 700 office
3. Move to aircraft 10 o'clock position and await to start
4. Check nose chocks
5. Check fire extinguisher position
6. Check GPU / APU & switches turned to 'on ready'
7. Check GPU / APU cable connection (grounded)
8. Check fwd stbd chocks
9. Check along fwd stbd wing including engines
10. Check along rear stbd wing including flaps
11. Check rear stbd chocks
12. Check rear stbd door (followed by rear stbd tail)

13. Check rear tail
14. Check rear ramp
15. Check rear port tail
16. Check rear port cabin door
17. Check rear port chocks
18. Check along rear port wing including flaps
19. Check along fwd port wing including engines
20. Check fwd port chocks
21. Check pitot tubes (stbd side)
22. Check earth lead (port side)
23. Return to 10 o'clock position and face fwd cabin door
24. End inspection