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We Are Maelstrom

We’re a close team of creatives & developers who work together to repeatedly produce engaging interactive experiences. We specialise in the production of bespoke simulation and entertainment systems to deliver tailored solutions that meet our clients specific requirements.Our extensive 25 years of experience in Virtual Reality application development has enabled us to create ground-breaking interactive systems for a variety of markets including; architectural visualisations, marketing promotions, and military and civilian training simulations.We have produced VR systems for a host of blue chip clients and support events that span the globe. VR has long lost its gamey stigma and now assists in many serious applications aiding in real life training. Our unrivalled knowledge and expertise has earned us a reputation for excellence.

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We Have Skills

We are a development company with a passion to produce unique interactive solutions. To establish virtual reality technologies as an invaluable tool, as a necessity, rather than a nicety, for training, marketing and visualisation, across every industry. Our skill set and vast experience enables us to deliver all our projects on time and on budget.

Marketing & Promotions

30% of our developments are brand led promotional experiences.

Training & Simulation

Learning through synthetic experience is a core area of our business.


Our visualisations support planning applications at national level.

Project Development

Covering all aspects of a contract from concept to delivery.

VR Simulation – the Ultimate method of Training

- With Safety of paramount importance, training is becoming increasingly fundamental to a company's operation & success -


Virtual Reality makes the ordinary extraordinary. It delivers amazing experiences, immersing the users within any synthetic environment, whether real or imaginary, creating boundless possibilities for use in any market. At maelstrom we have created everything from brief, fun, low-cost games to expansive proposed environments, to serious multi-user life-saving training. Click on each subject heading below to view the projects in detail.





Development Progress

As a Development company of both software and hardware systems we are constantly investigating new technologies and techniques to advance our capabilities in order to keep our customers at the forefront of their markets.

  • ESA Phase 2
  • v5 GFX Engine - now in use
  • VR Editor Development
  • Recent Web Updates
  • Custom Tracking Solutions
  • Hardware Research & Development

"Polhemus enjoys the relationship with Maelstrom due to their ability to quickly grasp, understand and implement our cutting edge technology into their own future forward products and solutions. We respect the high level engineering and skill sets they bring to the table to cherry pick the best technologies available and integrate them for the benefit of their customer's unique application needs".


Skip Rodgers - President - Polhemus Tracking Systems

We Love Technology

We tackle development problems with intelligence. We use cutting-edge tech and cutting-edge thinking to bring our products to life. If available technology isn't suitable or simply doesn't exist then we design & manufacture it.

VR Headsets


 VR Gloves


 VR Tracking


Immerse yourself.... There are a vast range of HMD's available on the market today, we will advise you of the best solution to suit your project and budget requirements. We have over two decades of experience in the VR market delivering systems across the globe.
Intuitive control.... Want to get hands-on experience? VR Gloves will let you do just that. Moving virtual objects or simply interacting with a virtual interface can be an amazing experience. We have integrated both passive and haptic glove systems into our promotional & simulation applications.
Explore further.... There are many types of tracking technology available today from small integrated systems to larger stand-alone platforms. From 3dof to 6dof and magnetic to optical the options are mind-blowing. The correct selection of tracking system is critical to any VR project development succeeding.
Tailored for you.... Where possible we employ COTS hardware. However, no single 'off-the-shelf' VR solution exists that can satisfy 'all' a client's possible requirements. If we can’t find it, but a project needs it, we have the experience and expertise to develop and produce it.
  • 25 Years Experience
  • 62 Projects Delivered
  • 18 Repeat Customers
  • 100 Percent Motivation

  • Martin Eckersall - Infrastructure Director - Roxhill Developments

    The use of the Maelstrom models at consultation stage with local residents, planners, councillors and statutory consultees has been pivotal in many discussions and negotiations on design.

  • Mark Evans - Curator of Natural Sciences - Leicester Museums

    The installation provides an amazing immersive experience to everyone who enters the gallery, you can really appreciate that these prehistoric CGI animals were once living breathing creatures...

  • Paul Fletcher MBE - Founder & Director - StadiArena Limited

    Maelstrom team have developed a number of animations for projects that I have led in the past including the award winning Ricoh Arena in Coventry as well as some StadiArena animations.


We specialise in the development of interactive immersive solutions for a variety of markets and create products from concept to launch. Here's some of our work.

Ford VR Sports

Hardware / Marketing & Promotions

RAF & British Armed Forces

Training & Simulation

RAF – VR Parachute Trainer

Hardware / Training & Simulation

Prologis – VR Walkthrough

Architecture & Visualisations

Peripheral design

Hardware / Peripheral Design

Aviva – VR Sailing

Hardware / Marketing & Promotions


Hardware / Peripheral Design

Silver Generations – VR Foosball

Hardware / Marketing & Promotions

Maelstrom integrated well with the museum team to design and deliver our interactive ‘Jurassic period’ underwater seascape.

- The installation provides an amazing immersive experience to everyone who enters the gallery, you can really appreciate that
these prehistoric CGI animals were once living breathing creatures - Mark Evans, Leicester Museums -

Senior Dev Team

We're a small, friendly and talented team. We create amazing interactive solutions for our forward thinking clients we deliver systems and support across the globe.

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